Iran's "possible military dimensions" disclosures: What to expect

Jofi JosephJofi Joseph tracks developments in negotiations between Iran and the IAEA over the IAEA's investigation into Iran's past efforts to produce a nuclear weapon. Iran appears to be cooperating, he writes, but it is important to be realistic about the outcome of the investigation and how it will affect ongoing talks on the future of the Iranian nuclear program between Iran and the P5+1.

Blocking or breakthrough? Where the Vienna talks are headed and what they can achieve

Sven-Eric FikenscherSven-Eric Fikenscher argues that prospects for a final nuclear deal with Iran remain dim, despite recent claims of optimism from negotiators. Rather than trying for a final deal that will be difficult to negotiate and even harder to implement, he suggests that the U.S. try to conclude a new interim agreement with more limited concessions from each side.

Belfer Iran Brief—Reviving the 1979 hostage crisis and other news

Belfer Iran BriefThe next round of P5+1 negotiations approaches, as Congress zeroes in on new terrorism-related sanctions and blocking a diplomat linked to the 1979 hostage crisis from entering the United States. These stories, President Rouhani’s visit to Afghanistan, General Dempsey’s trip to Israel, and more—in this week’s edition of Iran news from March 29-April 4, 2014.